Akahdamah has a multifaceted approach to his mission as a recovery coach. He creates a safe and sacred therapeutic container for his client, and then guides the individual toward taking a stand for their self-authority, and ultimately, their overall wellbeing. Akahdamah himself has successfully pushed through the strong energetic pull of addiction, making him an expert to the process of what truly works.  

Part of his method includes enhancing the client’s awareness of their energetic anatomy through the process of breathwork. The use of intentional breath in Akahdamah’s practice allows the individual to transform stress, as well as increase vitality and intuition. His integration of breathwork has deep roots in Kundalini yoga, one of his other major areas of expertise.

Akahdamah’s recovery coaching includes a shift in perspective around traumatic experiences. By letting go of the negative energetic hold of trauma and viewing it as beneficial information, people are much freer to let go of uncontrollable neurotic behavior, like addiction.

The holistic approach of Akahdamah’s practice incorporates neuroscience, Eastern theories and practices, and a Humanistic psychological approach.

Ultimately, the client learns to articulate a healthy way of living for themselves, and then step into it.


  • Akahdamah meets with clients once a week over the phone or over Skype for 60-75 minutes sessions.

  • There is a 4 to 6 month commitment required.

  • After the complimentary initial session, we will decide together if it feels like a good fit.

  • Client will determine core goals and the outcome they are looking to experience at the end of the 4 to 6 months.

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